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5th edition of Spain’s leading energy storage event
MARCH 12 & 13 2024, TOLEDO

    Build, operate, win! Position yourself to profit in Spain’s upcoming energy storage surge

    Energy storage is about to take center stage in Spain, as the country pushes ahead with its decarbonization plans. According to Spain’s National Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), a staggering 74% of the electricity should come from renewables by 2030. This signals an urgent shift towards solar and wind energy.

    But as Spain aims for a 32% cut in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels, one thing is clear: it needs to phase out a significant chunk of fossil-fueled synchronous capacity. This change, while necessary, isn’t without its challenges—especially when it comes to managing a grid dominated by variable renewables.

    The key to this puzzle? Energy storage.

    Energy storage isn’t just a solution—it’s the backbone for integrating renewables smoothly. With the steady rise in photovoltaic and wind installations plugging into the grid, hunger for storage is skyrocketing.

    Spain’s projections see a demand for 20 GW of storage capacity by 2030, up from today’s 8.3 GW. Some even argue we’ll need more than that to stabilize the grid truly.

    The regulatory environment might feel like shifting sands, but the horizon is clear: the future is in energy storage. This is why RENMAD ALMACENAMIENTO 2024 is an event you can’t afford to miss. Join 400+ forward-thinking executives from the vanguard of the energy storage industry. Dive deep into a market on the rise and discover how your investments can pioneer change in the energy storage industry.

    Save the date: March 12-13, 2024

    More than 60 expert speakers
    More than 400 industry attendees
    More than 10 networking hours


    • Make the most of energy storage grants and subsidies, such as the PERTE EHRA, to boost your projects’ profitability
    • Learn more about current and upcoming remuneration mechanisms in Spain, including capacity markets and frequency regulation
    • Anticipate the permits you need and expedite the processing of your energy storage project
    • Understand the requirements of banks, financiers, and investment funds to ensure the bankability of your energy storage assets
    • Use energy storage to minimize the curtailment from your renewable energy project and make your plants profitable throughout their lifecycle
    • Learn how to comply with the traceability requirements set by European legislation such as the Critical Raw Materials Act and the battery passport
    • Analyze the market for large-scale energy storage in Italy,Portugal and Greece and prepare to expand your business in these countries

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